One Piece Treasure Cruise, an Entertaining Treat for Pirate Fans

The list of roll playing games is getting larger as many new RPGs are arriving for the smartphone users. Many brands have gained popularity across the world due to their high-quality roll playing games. One Piece Treasure Cruise had also done the same thing for Bandai Namco Games. It is a freemium, turn based role-playing game, which may seem similar like Shining Force. The free version of the game may seem a little bit boring to a few people. However, it has a unique gameplay along with a number of enjoyable features.

Yes, it has a story:

People usually don’t expect a good story, when they play a Smartphone game, but amazingly there is a story in One Piece Treasure Cruise game. The story is majorly based on the show, from where the developers had gotten the idea of creating this game. Luffy is a boy, who desires to be a pirate. He eats the treasured Gum-Gum fruit and then he becomes a robber. You get more entertainment with an entertaining story, as proceed ahead in the game. The developers have adopted all the characters and locations from the original show. Thus, the game becomes more entertaining for those, who have watched the show. Some free stuff you may like > Read Here <


There is no need to say that gameplay is quite easy to learn. You will create a team of six characters. The crew members will come with a few abilities, but their special characteristics will improve as you will progress in the game. Ultimately, your team will fight against the enemies. First, it will be your or your opponent’s turn and then your turn. This is how you can play the game. You can level up in the game by sacrificing some characters. It will take place like a classic card battle game style.  Different characters come with different strengths. Their strength can be useful for your team during the battle and also out of the battles.

All the actions take place in the One Piece universe, where you get many opportunities of reaching higher levels. Obviously, you would like to play with the most powerful characters. There is a cost system in the game, which helps you in maintaining a good balance of special and ordinary characters in your crew. Your team’s power can also increase from Luffy inherits during the start of the quest. You will reach to larger ships and get some bonus on completing the quests.

Should you download and play this game?

The One Piece Treasure Cruise is an entertaining game, but the freemium game and its downloading time may frustrate you. You will have to upgrade the game many times to play in different eras. Each time you will have to pay five gems for buying the rare characters. You get those five gems free as you upgrade to a new level. The free version of this game will come with several limitations. You can buy the premium version of the game to play in a full-fledged way. It is an entertaining game and you can download it from the app store of your smartphone now.

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